Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Styling Tips for Curly Hair

Curly hair can be a challenge to control. It can be even harder to manage if you do the wrong things to it. So if you are looking for ways to like your curly hair stay tuned. We are listing some tips below for styling curly hair.

 Tip #1 is to get a proper haircut. Make sure your hairdresser knows how to cut curly hair. If the cut is too short it could be too curly and if too long it could pull all the curl out. You don't really want either extreme. With the right cut you may just love your curly hair that you have fussed about all these years. The wrong cut in curly hair can make it more unmanageable.

 Tip #2 is to use a shampoo that is gentle to your hair. You do not want to strip all the natural oils out of the hair. This will make the hair too dry and it will look frizzy even. Shampoo as needed but not daily if you can keep from it.

 Tip #3 is to apply a moisturizer to your hair. What is the difference between a moisturizer and a conditioner? A moisturizer soaks into the hair while a conditioner actually coats the hair. This could make the hair look greasy at times. Some moisturizers are even meant to be left on.

 Tip #4 is to gently comb the moisturizer through the hair. You can do this while in the shower or right when you get out after gently patting the hair a bit dry.

 Tip #5 is to use a moderate amount of heat drying the hair. Don't over dry the hair with the blow dryer. This too could dry it out. After it is dry you can use a large-diameter curling iron to curl your hair. You may want some styling spray to apply before blow drying. This will actually help to smooth the hair out a bit.

 Tip #6 is an alternative to #5 set your hair on large rollers. Let air dry or use a hooded hair dryer. You may want to use a bit of setting gel before rolling the hair on the rollers. Once the hair is dry unroll and gently brush out.

 Tip #7 if it is a humid day it may not matter much what you try your hair may just kink right back up once you walk outside. Don't fight these days. If you have the right cut to your hair it should look just fine in its natural curl. Many women with straight hair pay plenty each year to get their hair curled.

 Tip #8 is that some women with curly hair put a bit of hairspray on their hair and say it keeps the frizzy look down a bit. It is worth a try.

 Try the above tips and see if they don't make it easier to manage your natural curls. Maybe you will no longer have a reason to struggle with your hair. Curly hair when styled right is absolutely gorgeous.

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